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  • John Roshio - Director of Operations

    John Roshio is the President and Director of Operations of Atlas International Technology Services.

    Roshio, 48, a single parent, oversees the strategic direction of the Florida-based company. With Technicians across the United States and several countries, Atlas is one of the fastest growing companies in FL. It will soon be the leading Technology Service Company in the US for Onsite Technician Dispatch, help desk support, and managed IT solutions, which service IT and Networks for Fortune 500 Companies Worldwide.

    Prior to Forming Atlas, Roshio served Dir of Operations of MCS another FL Based Company, where he implemented and oversaw the Commercial Contract portion of the company and added 3000% revenue growth inside of the first 6 months.

    Roshio, who Started Atlas in 2015, started his career as an entrepreneur in the Computer / Networking industry in 1995. He started building Custom Computers and selling them on the (then) New Revenue in his start up year exceeded $250k with himself as the only employee and grew exponentially each year after, at the same time he worked for St Petersburg College, initially as a student assistant in the computer labs, then to maintaining the computers on Tarpon Springs campus, and eventually moving into a staff position for the college setting up the MCSE Course labs, at the Clearwater FL Campus. He sold his company prior to the Dot Com bust, and ventured into another industry for several years, while maintaining and utilizing his knowledge of Networking and Technology.

    A native of Pennsylvania, Roshio has spent the majority of his life on the Gulf Coast of Florida, with several years spent living in Las Vegas and W Tennessee. He has enjoyed traveling through most of the United States, and several countries. He attended St Petersburg College and College of Southern NV for Bus admin, IT and Emergency Management.

Thanks to our Outstanding Technicians!

James Wilson

James Wilson

Field Engingeer

James Wilson, one of our Field engineers from Denver CO, has only been with us since April of this year. He has consistently done outstanding work, to the point of our office receiving compliments for his excellent customer service and technical knowledge by our largest Vendor.

We appreciate your hard work James, we look forward to a long relationship with you.

Corporate Direction

Atlas is doing what others either cannot or will not do. We have created a company that provides many different services that other companies cannot handle, or are incapable of venturing into.

We’ve been called dreamers, inventors, rebels, risk takers, pioneers and geeks. We embrace those labels because in many ways, they’re true. We dream big. We invent bigger. We often do what many thought was impossible, and most importantly, above all…. We never give up.

In today’s world, organizations will have to rapidly re-engineer themselves and be more responsive to customer’s ever changing needs. Atlas is well positioned to be an asset to your business in your transformation journey, identify new growth opportunities and facilitate your foray into new sectors and markets.

A Little History…..

Atlas was created by Field Technicians, for Field Technicians with the idea of being completely different from other Work Platforms. We care about the technician, they are the cornerstone of Atlas and we treat them as such. As Atlas grows we will strive to make the technicians just as important as the customers we service. Other companies look to the techs as revenue generators; the field technicians are that, however, Atlas works at treating them like family, and gives them the respect they deserve.


Our Corporate Offices are located at:
523 North Peninsula Drive
Daytona Beach, FL 32118